Get Started

    CrowdOptic's patented technology (U.S. Patent No. 8,527,340) offers a revolutionary way of determining what people are looking at and what they find interesting. It works in real time by collecting sensor data from mobile devices and using that data to construct the device user's line of sight. When the user's line of sigh intersects with another user's line of sight that intersection is noted by the system. Clusters of sight line intersections are then computed to determine where the crowd is looking.

    At the heart of the system is the per second update. This is a mechanism where the device reports the needed sensor data to CrowdOptic and in return CrowdOptic sends cluster data. Additionally users can interact with clusters by attaching comments, tags, photos and videos that will travel with the cluster.

    To start using CrowdOptic you must first obtain a partner ID and an API key from CrowdOptic. To obtain your ID and key please please fill out this form.

    Once you have your partner package, you may also utilize our data visualization tool Live Map. It will show you in real time where users are aiming their devices, where clusters are being formed, and the media that associated with them. To use live map log in with the email and password that were given to you by CrowdOptic and a link will appear in the top menu.